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What's imbalance costing you and your organization?
$3,900 per employee each year

Days with illness-related absences, resulting in lost productivity, costs employers this much.

More than 50% of workers

are not engaged at work as a result of stress, leading to a loss of productivity.

22.5 person days of productivity

For every 100 employees, a company loses an average of this many days due to financial distress.

70% of

say work friendships are the most crucial element to a job

Steve improved his Development,
Lisa improved her Debts,
Madeline improved her Work Relationships,
Reid improved his Emotional Health,
Steve improved his Development,
Lisa improved her Debts,
Madeline improved her Work Relationships,
Reid improved his Emotional Health,
Balance is good for business.

A business is only as strong as its people. Our corporate seminars teach your team how to rebalance their lives and maximize their impact in and out of the workplace.

Corporate Seminars with The Balance Equation

Taught by co-founders Rob Fiance and Stuart Rosenblum, our corporate seminars are interactive virtual workshops that equip teams with a simple and comprehensive framework to relieve stress, maximize their time and money, and restore balance to their lives.

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The Balance Equation™ is a complete program designed to focus on the four main life categories.
meet the balance equation founders
Stuart Rosenblum
Stuart Rosenblum

Stuart Rosenblum is a serial entrepreneur, business executive, author and co-founder of the Balance Equation. Stu is an innovator of new products, services, and business models across many industries, including healthcare, emerging digital technologies, retail, and food service, and has held a wide variety of positions throughout his career, including CEO, president, CFO, and an advisor to CEOs and founders.

Rob Fiance
Rob Fiance

A devoted husband, father, grandfather, author, and co-founder of the Balance Equation, Rob is an experienced board member and C-level executive with a strong track record in pivoting and growing Educational Technology and Health Technology companies. Currently, Rob is COO and partner of STS education, a $120 million Edtech Company, and a Founder and Partner of The Healthy Software Company.  He is an expert in raising capital, as well as mergers and acquisitions of all sizes, including exits for companies that he has owned.

The Benefits of Balanced Employees
Higher productivity
Fewer sick days
Better work relationships
More engagement and creativity
Less employee turnover
Increased Sales

The Balance Equation Corporate Seminars are perfect for:

Executive Teams
Mid-level Management
Entire Organizations
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How to use the balance equation for your business
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Each team member gets a free copy of The Balance Equation™ book and access to our community, where they can build healthy habits for life. 

Employee wellbeing is your smartest investment.
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